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Real Madrid Has Confidence in Summer Signings

According to the latest FIFA news, due to the poor performance of the team this season, Real Madrid may in the upcoming summer to clean lineup greatly.But the biggest problem is that Real Madrid has just been punished by FIFA. In theory, in the next two windows they cannot have new players registered. The transfer ban hasn't been performed.

Since the transfer ban was first enacted, Real Madrid insists he is innocent. In the course of the trial, the club will try to prove that the ban is groundless, and unconfirmed. FIFA appeal committee will announce the final results in April. The next strategy of Real Madrid is decided. If the ban is still not fully resolved, the club will appeal to the International Court of arbitration for sport, will also apply to suspend the implementation of the ban, to guarantee the club in the summer's signings. Once through the law program, his case at least will last until September.

If the appeal will reduce the punishment, Real Madrid will only in the summer can't introduce. But Real Madrid certainly can not accept this result, they will continue to appeal. However, Real Madrid seems to be confident with introductions. Let's wait and see. By the way, cheap and fast FIFA coins are waiting for you at imfifa.co.