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Real Madrid Eight Most Expensive Defenders

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Although just arrived in April, Real Madrid finalized Danilo in advance. The Brazilian will be 31.5 million euros worth came to the Bernabeu in the summer. Marca summed up the eight most expensive defenders in the history of Real Madrid, while Danilo ranked first.

1. Danilo: 31.5 million euros

Danilo is definitely the Brazil main, but his contract and Porto left on the last year. Real Madrid the price is not cheap.

2. Coentrao: 30 million euros

At the urging of Mourinho, in the case having Marcelo, Real Madrid has still spent 30 million euros to acquire Coentrao in 2011. But as long as Marcelo stay healthy, Coentrao can only sit on the bench. His performance in Real Madrid is far inferior to that in the national team. This summer, he will have been cleaned.

3. Pepe: 30 million euros 4. Ramos: 27 million euros 5. Samuel: 25 million euros 6. Woodgate: 24 million euros 7. Albiol: 15 million euros 8. Guevara: 10 million euros

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