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Pogba Highly Praised Guardiola

Juventus will play against Bayern next week in the Champions League and Pogba is undoubtedly one of the players who will get most attention. Pogba in an interview from www.imfifa.co praised the Bayern coach Guardiola and even indicated the possibility of cooperation.

Guardiola had rich experience. His football philosophy was great. That was what Pogba said in the interview. He could profoundly change the team and all the players respected him. What players could do was only admire him and strive to learn something more from him. Pogba praised that Guardiola was the symbol of football. He would try to make every playerimproved. So highly praise, does it imply something?

Guardiola will become the Manchester City manager next season. This club is repeatedly having rumors with Pogba. Earlier Guardiola even named to buy Pogba. But when it comes to this sensitive topic, Pogba's answer was very ambiguous: He is now a Juventus player, but it may still happen in the future to cooperate with Guardiola. P.S. Cheap FIFA coins is here on imfifa.co.