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Napoli Intends to Introduce Ibrahimovic This Summer

Italy media says that Napoli is also interested in this Swedish Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic and Paris's contract will expire this summer, but Ibrahimovic said he would not renew the contract with Paris.

Although he already 34 years old, there are still a lot of teams interested in Ibrahimovic, including Manchester United, Chelsea and other giants are hoping to introduce Ibrahimovic. One CBA team has even issued 75 million euros to invite Ibrahimovic to join. But it seems that he now does not want to leave the European football. But Naples is his ideal place, he never played in the south of Italy, it will be a new experience.

Ibrahimovic is still suitable for the high level of competition. He is a great player, who has never smoked, occupation, always be active in training. That's why he can play in high level competitions. It's a nice choice for him to end his career in Napoli. Welcome to buy cheap and fast FIFA Coins at imfifa.co.