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Muller Enjoys the Style of Bayern Now

Up to now, Bayern has got amazing 40 points in the 14 rounds of the Bundesliga. If asked who is the hero,of course many people will say Guardiola. Indeed, under the leadership of Guardiola, Bayern's dominating comes to a new stage. The team's general Thomas Muller also said that he appreciated the playing style of Bayern now.

At the same time, the German striker showed that if Bayern could not keep the great performance after Guardiola left, they still would be criticized. But now, they feel very good. The atmosphere in the team is very interesting. If they watch their game video after tha match, maybe it will be excellent. Bayern is very fierce for this season. They once won more than 4 goals than their opponents in 7 consecutive games.

When it comes to Guardiola, Muller said that in a club like Bayern, the dominance right now could not help them all the time. If their status became not that good, reporters would not say they like their style. Guardiola's contract expires this season, the current whereabouts are still not sure. By the way, www.imfifa.co is a professional FIFA coins selling site.