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Most Unpopular Team by Fans

A national survey has been done to investigate the most popular teams and the most unpopupar team in the eyes of fans. About ten thousand fans participated in the vote, and the results showed that Chelsea topped the list in the most unpopular teams, followed by Manchester United.

In the vote held in last year, Manchester United topped the list but was surpassed by Chelsea this year. Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham ranked from 3 to 6. Manchester United fans said their most hated team was Manchester City, then Liverpool and Arsenal. But it turns out that the most unpopular one is Manchester United itself.

Bournemouth ranked the last one on the unwelcome standings, which shows the team which just promoted to the Premier League left the fans a good impression in their first season. Premiership champions Leicester City is at the second to last position. Seems like their fairytale win impressed fans a lot.

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