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Messi Said He was Unable to Win Without Teammates

As everyone expected, Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi won the award of the European Best Player. He indicated modestly that he would not be able to win without the help of his teammates. He said: "All these should be credited to my teammates, if without them, I would not stand here today and Barcelona will not have such a result in which we all play a role."

The simple rustic acceptance speech of Messi showed his low-key atmosphere and appropriateness. Young handsome Messi deserves this artsy trophy! Nowadays, football has become too utilitarian, people just think about how to win rather than bring exciting games for their fans. Messi does well at this point and gives us a visual enjoyment, Come on!

We also hope that Messi can be proud when it is needed! England football legend Gary Lineker said that after winning the best player awarded by the UEFA, Messi will also win the award of the best player in history, it's just a matter of time. We hope Messi properly the 2015 Golden Globe Awards with his ability. Certainly the best ever. And iMfifa will continue to sell the cheapest FIFA 16 coins, you can click here www.imfifa.co to buy.