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Messi Does Not Want to Compare with C Ronaldo

Messi has rested for four weeks since he got jurt. It's half of the original 7 to 8 weeks of the truce. When asked about Messi's injury recovery situation, he said it had no point talking about the time. If his body is fully recovered, then he will immediately get back to the stadium. Now since he has not come back, I guess he is still recovering.

For players, it feels bad to get hurt. BUt since you cannot avoid it, you have to face it. Messi is becoing more powerful.

According to imfifa.co news, Messi also talked about his comparison between him and Ronaldo.But he didn't want to do that. He wants to bew the most important one in his team and he is fighting for it. If you want to buy cheap FIFA 16 coins, please come to www.imfifa.co.