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Mascherano Got an Embarrassing Record

5-1 victory over Leganes, Barcelona harvested an easy victory. However, for their defender Javier Mascherano, he added an embarrassing record again.

In the match against Leganes, Javier Mascherano played as a right defender. Mascherano still did not score a goal just like he came to Barcelona and didn't scored in every game. That he does not score goals in the league has reached 174 games, which also makes him break the record that Michelle Reiziger kept in team history.

Mascherano not only didn't score in the Primera Liga. Since joined Barcelona, he did not have any goals in the game, before this, he has broken the record in Barcelona team history without scoring. However, as one player always appears in the backcourt, Javier Mascherano's main job is not to score goals. A long goal drought also did not cause any trouble for him.

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