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Manchester United May not Introduce Signing

According to the latest report from imfifa.co, considering the future of coach Van Gaal, Manchester United will suspend the work of winter window signings.

On Wednesday there was news that Van Gaal would resign a year before the end of the contract, and in recent weeks the club have also begun to worry about the future of Van Gaal. Originally Manchester United intended to drop 35 million pounds to sign midfielder Anderson of Lazio. Though Lazio have not stymied, now the Red Devils shelved the deal, they do not want to spend big price to buy player just to let Van Gaal use half a season, to the summer find new coach does not need the new winter aid.

The rumors about Van Gaal's leave are often reported. The official Manchester United should give a written document, an explaination about the rumor, for the whole Manchester United is in chaos. Players will be easily affected by the reports sometimes, which is a key factor to their performance. By the way, you are lucky to be invited to buy cheaper FIFA coins using the 5% coupon code. Hurry up!