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Liverpool should pay attention to the European Cup

Imfifa believes Liverpool need to focus on the Europa League, because this is their best chance to return to the Champions League. If you want to buy FIFA 16 coins, you can buy at site www.imfifa.co.

Liverpool will be at home against the Swiss team Sion on Thursday, Rogers may for Merseyside derby change number of players in the FIFA 16 game.

Sion now ranked fifth in the national league, 13 points behind leaders Basel. Such record made the team president say that Sion players should be ashamed of being got paid.

If they can go further in the Europa League, the Champions League and that their chances of promotion will be larger. Many IMFIFA.CO customer believed so. In the European Cup first round group stage, a 1-1 draw away to Liverpool Bordeaux. Rogers choose Milner, Klein, The Turk and Skrtel and other key players to have a rest.

Imfifa believes this will give Liverpool one more chance to win the tournament. This will give you another chance, and if in February, the team behind the fourth place in the league 12 points. They had been out from the tournament, this situation was not a good thing for the team.

As long as Liverpool have not yet been eliminated from the European Cup, the coach can let some players rest in the league, allowing them to devote themselves to the European Cup tournament. Imfifa thinks this is good for Liverpool.

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