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Little Ronaldo Wants to be a goalkeeper

At the end of the 2 minutes and 1 second trailer of the movie "Ronaldo", there is an interesting conversation between C Ronaldo and his son. Little Ronaldo wanted to become a goalkeeper which makes his father really do not understand. Your father is a kicker, how can you be the gatekeeper?

According to iMfifa, generally there are more posibilities to play the same position among the defenders. Maybe because the defender is usually strong and tall, while the son usually worship this kind of father. They have so great influence on their sons for a long time that the son imitate his father's defensive techniques. However, there are very few children like to play defense, then these children with such techniques will be directed to guard the two trees or piles of bricks.

However, iMfifa thinks that each position has its own value, why can not little C Ronaldo become an excellent goalkeeper? Perhaps 20 years later, we may talk about that if C Ronaldo can shoot into the son's net. Welcome to share your comments here www.imfifa.co and also you can buy the cheapest FIFA 16 coins.