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Levante Donation to Polish Blind Football Team

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According to German media Bild, because of shortage of funds, Poland blind football team did not have enough money to participate in the competition. While after learning of the news, Bayern striker Levante provided assistance to the blind football team.

Poland blind football team did not participate in the European Cup held in England because there is not enough money. Levante promptly sent aid after that. Levante's agent revealed that Levante wants to help the motherland team. Poland blind football team has won the European Cup qualifying, but are unable to pay journey to Britain because of funding problems. The trip will cost about 55,000 Polish Zloty, while the Polish national team only cost 20,000 zlotys (about 5000 euros) the last year.

Poland blind team coach Prask expressed plight on television on Friday. After a few hours, Prask received a lot of response: "Now the money has almost cobble together, and our dream is coming true." It is reported that Lewandowski has made contact with the team, "Amazing, there is such a big star to support us. "

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