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Kaka KO C Ronaldo and Messi

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Recently, the Brazilian star Kaka accepted the Daily Mail interview. He once proudly beat Messi and C Ronaldo, won the FIFA Golden Globe. While Kaka express a willingness to return to the Brazilian national team. For Mourinho, Kaka is also very respected. He believes madman desire to win is special.

When talking about the possibility of returning to the Brazilian national team, Kaka replied, "It has been three and a half years, and if Dunga still feels that I am useful, I would be good preparation for the national team to give up everything. But for me, this is a great motivator. "

In the interview, Kaka said he kept in touch with Oscar, Felipe - Louis and Ozil. Kaka exposes these friends invited him to the Premier League, "they would joke with me, inviting me to join Chelsea or Arsenal, but I am very happy to stay Orlando City. "

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