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Juventus Is Interested in Danilo

According to imfifa news, Real Madrid right-back Danilo has become the focus of the summer signings of Juventus. More information is on imfifa.co where cheap FIFA 16 Coins can be found.

Juventus have revealed more than onde time that they want to sign Danilo. They hope to sign the Brazilian player to enhance the competitiveness of their team. Imfifa said there is a big advantage for Juventus to buy Danilo. His former teammate Alex Sandro is currently playing for Juventus, and he is willing to act as a lobbyist. Danilo has played for Porto club with Alex Sandro together, the two became very close friends.

His performance at Real Madrid this season was just so-so, for this he was booed by Real Madrid fans. Imfifa said Juventus is confident that Real Madrid are willing to let the 24-year-old Brazilian player go. But Juve realized that Real Madrid will not let him go so cheap. They may ask for a transfer fee of 30 million euros.