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Jurgen Klopp Brings Progress to Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp has led Liverpool to make some achievements after he takes office. The team has won three times and only lost once in the game against Crystal Palace. Imfifa.co believe that Klopp has brought some progresses to Liverpool. He has had the ability and qualities needed to succeed in Liverpool, but he still needs more time to pinpoint the position for Liverpool.

Throughout the last seven games, Jurgen Klopp brings many highlights to Liverpool. Liverpool midfielder lack of creativity, but Klopp reduces the difficulty of the pass by running actively. As a result, the team avoids the problem of lack of creativity. What's more, a major change Klopp has brought to Liverpool is gradual strengthening layering. As long as the team finds the right score points, they will do better on the pitch. But there are still some problems in the defensive line in Liverpool.

When the team faces the rivals' counter-attack, players can't catch the opponent with a fast speed. In addition, the team has not been able to establish a good defensive core. If Klopp solves these problems, it will help the team decline the uncertainty and the team will perform better in the next games. If you want to buy cheap FIFA Coins, imfifa.co is a good choice, fast and cheap.