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Javier Mascherano may invlove in imprisonment punishment

Barcelona player Javier Mascherano on Thursday confessed that in 2011 and 2012, income tax evasion on portrait was over 1.5 million euros. The court sentenced him one year's imprisonment.

Javier wanted to pay off fine in order to remove jail. Prosecutors and tax authorities and the presiding judge will decide whether to suspend the implementation of imprisonment or a fine instead of imprisonment in the coming days.

Javier Mascherano tweeted his own tax advisor hired in 2010 to 2014 ensured that everything about his income processing is legitimate, transparent. But after he was accused, he immediately changed a new tax consultant and handled with the matter.

He said he was a professional athlete, not a tax and legal expert. He can only do everything in accordance with prevailing professional advice, now would thus retain the right to sue the former consultant.

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