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It is because Messi is absent

Argentine coach Gerardo Martino spoke injured Messi will miss the national game , he said people would say if they lose because of the absence of Messi.

If they lose, they'll say because of the absence of Messi; if they win the game, it ie because of Messi's presence. Imfifa.co does not think it is good. The national team and the club should prepare to face this situation, because these things are likely to happen in any player."

One team in the absence of Messi can play well. Who can guarantee that Messi has been in the national team? Martino also noted that the first game he coached Argentina got victory without Messi.

When imfifa heard Messi was injured, www.imfifa.co did not expect him to the national team. Messi injured really unfortunate, but Pastore came back, Bigeliya and Di Maria, but we lost Messi."

In addition, Martino also talked about coach the world's best players on his meaning, he said:"I do not know whether to choose me as the best coach for I bad been Messi's coach. But I would say: when Messi was on the pitch I looked very idiot, because he knows everything."

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