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Inter Milan Want to Buy Dalbert

Imfifa revealed that Inter Milan offered a 6 million Euro offer to buy Brazilian left-back Dalbert. But Nice's asking price waas 15 million. So Inter Milan is likely to add two young players in the trade.

The 23-year-old Brazilian player played 33 games this season and contributed four assists. There was news that he has reached a personal agreement with Inter Milan, and told the Nice club he will not continue to stay in the team next season. According to imfifa news, Inter Milan's initial offer was 6 million euros, but the asking price of Nice was close to 15 million. Therefore, Inter Milan may add two young players in the transaction to reduce the transfer fee.

The two men will be the right wing of the youth team Axel Mohamed Bakayoko and central defender Andrew Gravillon. They both are 19 years old and have French nationality.

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