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Inler is disappointed for Having No Chance in Leicester City

Swiss International footballer Gokhan Inler feels disappointed that he in Leicester City has no appearance time, he is even to be ill for sitting on the bench for long time.

Leicester City last summer from Naples signing Inler caused catched much attention. But what really makes Leicester City be popular through Europe is their performance of this season, 5 points leads in the Premier League table, while the important signing Inler only plays 10 times for the blue fox. The 31-year-old midfielder said: "I made a couple of transfer applications in January, but the manager said he had me in his heart so I didn't leave. However, since then I have not played a game, this is to make me sick, and I have to play this year's European Cup."

He is in a very critical period, but he must face why things are like this. He has to take the challenge. The pace of Premier League match makes Inler surprised, which is of no help for him to compete for his position in the team. He needs more time. Welcome to visit imfifa.co, the most reliable site to buy cheap and fast FIFA coins.