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Imfifa would rather watch game at home

Watching rebroadcast and watching on the pitch have their own benefits.

Live is an atmosphere of strong words, many people in the stadium shouting is very easy to put thenselves into it indifferent. But watching games on the pitch is not good for view but for the reason that it is hard to buy tickets. I sat a few rows in front, when the ball is close to the end line, I can hardly see. This time it is better to watch TV.

However, for now I do not know why I would rather watch game at home. Unless box tickets, relatively speaking, I still prefer stay at home, lying on the couch eating snacks while drinking beer while watching games a few friends. The atmosphere is not bad.

Although many people are busy watching the scene, it is both time-consuming, and consumption of energy. but also consume resources. Moreover, domestic courts are integrated sometimes far away from the stadium. If the ball did not enter into, it is not clear to see.

Do you prefer to watch at home or watch at the scene?