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Imfifa Thinks Real Madrid May Sell J Ronaldo and Isco

Real Madrid in the summer will sell J Ronaldo and Isco together, according to the latest report from imfifa, a professional FIFA coins seller. It is said that the club has already started to listen to offer. As long as the right scheme they will leave.

Real Madrid president for thw two's performance is not satisfied. The arrival of Zidane doesn't change the difficult situation of Real Madrid, which eventually makes club have the idea of selling the two. Their situation is not the same. For J Ronaldo, the team for his performance of this season, which is greatly different from last season's, isn't satisfied. He barely plays in pre-season, then injury, disagreements with Benitez. In addition, he shows his dissatisfaction about salary increasing requirement. Isco's situation is a little different from J. The club is not very satisfied with his performance in the past month. They think Isco betrays Zidane's trust. But recently the topic is that he was caught throwing away coat jacket when he was replaced.

Juventus is the club who wants to sign Isco the most. Because of the arrival of Guardiola, Isco to join Manchester City has become possible. However, the final decision still remains unknown. Welcome to share your predictions or any ideas with us.