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Imfifa Think Everton Will Sell Romelu Lukaku

According to imfifa.co where sell the cheapest FIFA 16 Coins, Everton may sell Romelu Lukaku before the 2016 European Cup. Lukaku has remarkable performance this season, but Everton have poor results, so it is possible for the Belgian star to leave the current club.

Lukaku is a young and potential footballer, he does not show his value when playing for Chelsea, but proves his strength quickly at Everton. He scores 16 goals in his first season at Everton, and scores 20 goals in the second season, 25 goals this season. His outstanding performance has attracted many big clubs' attention, including Manchester United, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus.

Everton price the striker at 65 million pounds, Manchester United and Chelsea are most likely to buy him, and the price has room to be negotiated. The two clubs are weak in attacking this season, their strength will be improved if getting Lukaku. Imfifa think joining a big club is good for Lukaku because he can not only get more experience in big competition, but also improve his own abilities.