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Imfifa Says Busquets Will Never Take Physical Strength as Excuse

Busquets said the team had a good recovery after winning a battle on Tuesday. There is no excuse against Bilbao on Friday. "We will have to compete in a tough venue - San Mames. So we must put all energies into it and there is no excuse." said Imfifa.

Insufficient physical strength is a reflection of lack of ability. Indeed it is. No team can do nothing but only waiting for a particular game. Even though there is no games,they spend much time in trainning,which is also to be exhausting. Of course they cannot take usual practice perfunctorily. They need strict Fifa 16 Coins requirements everyday.

So Busquets announced that the team's strength is not a problem. He precluded all excuse for the players,hoping that they can put all their energies and attention on the competition. Keep in mind that your job is just to play. Even if the final result is not satisfactory, please do not blame each other,just to improve and well prepared for the next.