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Imfifa Exposes Rummnigge Will not Dig De Bruyne

It is said that Bayern have much interest in Cheap Fifa Coins De Bruyne who is the core of VfL Wolfsburg. And Rummnigge replied "Wolfsburg have stressed that they won't take De Bruyne for sale. So we will not make them any trouble and I also want Allofs to rest assured that we certainly will not buy De Bruyne. We will fulfill the contract."

De Bruyne is a 24-year-old attacking midfielder and has now become a key player in Wolfsburg, for which the club will not sell him easily. If Real Madrid want to take in De Bruyne, they need at least 64 million euros,that is tied Manchester City Football Club's offer. It is known that De Bruyne has made great contributions to Wolfsburg's Bundesliga runner-up and German Cup champion in last season.

After joining http://www.imfifa.co/ Wolfsburg,De Bruyne performed excellently. If he can stay with the team, he will be absolutely core of Wolfsburg.