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Imfifa AC Milan and Inter Milan Unstopping Campaign

According to Imfifa, Inter Milan is also considering buying Ibrahimovic ,while AC Milan does not give up. Following the issue of Kondobia, they two become rivals again on the transfer market this summer. while Ibrahimovic have played in both Inter and Milan.

Serie A giants AC Milan and Inter Milan has not been satisfactory in the last few seasons , but this summer the Milan clubs have restored the ambition in the transfer and have big signings. Then the two clubs all want to continue to strengthen the front line strength, and they also spot with a player, Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic has played for both past Milan clubs, but the two clubs are both prepared to invite Ibrahimovic return.

The Mediaset points out that they will be once again become rivals this summer in the transfer market .At Via Shakespeare competition, Inter Milan took out 40 million euros transfer fee and had the last laugh.Now they are beginning to launch a campaign of Ibrahimovic. This time no matter which club can successfully convince Ibrahimovic return, either is an important bargaining chip to increase.

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