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If Balotelli Could Return to the Peak

Balotelli scored only five goals during 16 league games for Liverpool in the last season, and the performance made Liverpool very dissatisfied. In addition, Balotelli has a lot of embarrassments out the game, however, the Italian prodigy undoubtedly has talent in the field. There are still fans like him.

After the disastrous season in Liverpool, Balotelli has signed a contract that contains a long list of prohibitions and returned to Milan again. In the interview, he admitted his past mistakes and expressed his gratitude to Milan coach Mijares. He said that he had wasted too many opportunities, and now he is no longer a child, he wanted to make a change.

IMFIFA also hope that Balotelli can continue to work hard so that he can prove himself in the FIFA 16 game. Time would never wait for anyone. If you do not get serious, we afraid that you will have no chance to appear in our sight. We still remember your excellent performance in the European Cup in 2012. So come on!