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How Mourinho Trains Young Players

Imfifa thinks the general impression is that Mourinho isn’t good at developing young players. The case of Loukakou and De Bruyne seemingly even deepened the impression. Whether the coach like Mourinho only concerned about the combat force? In iMfifa's opinion, this is not a problem whether he is able to train.

As a coach without the background of a brilliant player career, record pressure is always hanging over the head of Jose Mourinho. Unless he really has no one to use, or someone shows to be a really good seedling at first glance, he simply cannot afford to give them opportunities. And compared with mature players with fame, the risk to train a young player is too high.

During the time he first started coaching, the club level would doubt his capability as long as he lost a few games in a row. Then when he was successful and had a little chance, the mindset has been developed. Meanwhile, the team he coached has accumulated a lot of famous players and even top players in the club. The relationships were complex and the record pressure was greater. So it was impossible to promote new talent in batches and give them chance to grow.

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