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Hair Studio Cut Star Pattern

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There are many ways Football fans worship idols: Near Sao Paulo, Brazil, Nalike Hair Studio can cut star hair pattern on the fan's head. The fans head of a 'Neymar' is no longer a dream.

Na Like said he hoped that inspire more young people to enter the hair styling industry like sports stars inspire children to engage in sports: "I do not know how to express my excitement because Neymar inspired many children playing, and I have this craft also made many people want to know hairstyling profession."

Na Like work is the same with other artistic creation: "We are here to create art, like painting. Our work is art, in value." In his studio haircut, the price of ordinary haircut 20-50 reais, while celebrity hair cut pattern will be charged according to the complexity of the pattern between 120-140 reais.

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