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Gunuzhayi Gym Training as C Ronaldo

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Manchester United winger Jianuzhayi said he was adding more gym training to enhance his physical fitness learning from C Ronaldo.

Belgian teenager was on a blockbuster last season. Van Gaal's men Gunuzhayi have some improvement this season. Gunuzhayi won only eight starts this season, while this teenager again fell into a storm playing with Arsenal in the FA Cup game.

The 20-year-old teenager said: "I have done a lot in the gym training. I want to be faster and stronger, so that when I can be more confrontational on the pitch. I hope that can be more explosive, so can quickly get rid of defensive players when facing with them. "

Manchester United will usher in a key battle Tottenham in the league this week, Gunuzhayi hoping to enter the Van Gaal starting lineup.

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