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Guardiola Hopes for More Autonomy in the transfer

Imfifa heard that Guardiola hopes for more autonomy in the transfer of ownership if he decides to stay. On the other hand, it is reported that Guardiola also hopes to apply his football philosophy to the team's youth fields in the future.

In iMfifa's opinion, although Vidal was not preferred by Guardiola, his arrival absolutely helps the team a lot. Because of Vidal, Bayern has hard midfielder, while Lahm stabilize the fullback. Then Bayern rapidly rise this season. If Lahm plays defensive midfielder, the defensive area will be too small. If Guardiola buys a right-back like Walter Burnett, the sidewalk and mid-way could have been defeated.

Furthermore, what Guardiola attracts us more is his style of oppression play, rather than his youth system. So the idea of ​​Guardiola and his adventurous spirit is the most important. If he can successfully renew the contrct, Guardiola will be able to find a balance between ideas and score.

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