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Giroux Missed Chances

English Premier League 2015-2016 season, the first 22 of a tournament in Stoke-on-Trent, England Britannia Stadium contest, a 0-0 draw away from home Arsenal to opponents Stoke City.

In fact, imfifa thought Arsenal was lucky not losing the game! To win the Premier League title, the most fundamental thing is to keep the team always highly competitive, which, for Arsenal, has been a weakness! Because Arsenal's temperament has always been laughed at and ignored to giant clubs. It is gorgeous outside, but also has a really excellent strength. it is lack of stability at a critical moment.

When people have underestimated it, Arsenal always prove himself with glorious performance. When praise comes one after another. For now, Man City came back to the state. Leicester was stable on the points standing. Tottenham had huge morale. The Reds gradually recover. In sharp contrast, from January to March each year, Arsenal will collapse from champion with always one step away!

If this problem is not solved, this season will repeat the past. The key is to see this two-month's performance! Buy FIFA coins now on site www.imfifa.co.