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Fans Voted Real Madrid Starting

Recently, iMfifa did a survey about the Real Madrid new season lineup, many fans involved, elected starting 11 in their minds.

In this list, the biggest surprise is undoubtedly that Bell defeated by Islamic, this Welsh can not use the preseason performance to deeply impress fans. In other frontcourt positions, Benzema, C Ronaldo and J Ronaldo are separated.

The midfielder positions are Modric and Cross. The defense from right to left are Carbajal, Ramos, Marcelo, and Guevara. The goalkeeper is Navas. It is worth mentioning that among several new signings Real Madrid this season, no one is on the list.

Real Madrid fans voted the new season starting: Goalkeeper: Navas; Defenders: Carbajal, Ramos, Guevara, Marcelo; Lumbar: Modric, Cross; Vanguard: J Ronaldo, Isco, C Ronaldo; Forward: Benzema.

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