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Fabio Grosso has Become a Coach

Imfifa will talk about the great Italian left back Fabio Grosso with you today. According to imfifa.co, Grosso has now become the main coach of Juventus U20. Grosso conducts standing on the sidelines in a suit. Then does he have the opportunity to turn into a great Italian coach from the great Italian left back?

Grosso keeps the state quite well. He played for Inter Milan and Lyon in 2006 and 2008 season and performed excellently. In the 2008 European Cup, there were few played well, while Grosso was one. But unfortunately, the whole team could not be compared with that in 2006 for a variety of reasons.

In early 2009, Grosso played a friendly against Brazil. Imfifa believes that you may remember there was a catch from Pirlo's long pass. It was such a beautiful goal, however, it was finally disallowed because of offside. Then Grosso played as the main force in the first two games in 2009 Confederations Cup. In the third game against Brazil, Lippi replaced Dossena for Grosso. However, Dossena shot into his own goal.

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