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Enrique Did Not Have a Decision

Barcelona club is planning 2017-18 season, and team coach Enrique is also involved in the development of planning, but the Barcelona club is worried. Whether Enrique will stay next season is still unknown.

Imfifa.co revealed that Barcelona executives have gave pressure to Enrique, and asked him to make a decision early, otherwise, Barcelona would find someone else. Enrique on the one hand participated in the development of planning, on the other hand he did not express his attitude.

Barcelona will not wait until May, that's too late. The club is contracting with players one by one on schedule, but with the coach they can not renew timely. Barca plan to talk to Enrique in March about the renewal of the contract, and there must be a clear answer to that question. At that time, they can also see whether Barcelona has possibility to win championship or not, which also has an impact to Enrique's decision. In any case, Enrique needs to give the answer as soon as possible.

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