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Eboue was willing to return to Arsenal

Former Arsenal defender Buena expressed his willingness to return. The 32-year-old defender ended the contract with Galatasaray last summer. In the entire 2014-15 season, he only had to follow the U21 tournament together.

Eboue left Arsenal to go to Turkey League in 2011. He thought he was treated unfairly after he came back in pre-season training in 2014. He was told that he will not get a chance for the first team appearance. Imfifa.co is the best place to buy FIFA coins.

He said:"I returned to the team to participate in training, but was told I would not get the chance. The President tole me the coach did not choose me, which was not fair. We're looking for other options, I am willing to return to Arsenal."

Eboue played 79 times on behalf of the Ivorian national team. He moved to Arsenal in 2005. Big ass is a good player, but Arsenal now really has no propar position for him. Imfifa hopes to see Eboue come to Premiership very much, but it is unlikely to have chance to play. If he can be the main rotation in the Premier League, it should be the best.