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Dzeko 10 Goals Lead Serie A

The new season of Serie A, Dzeko is in excellent condition, in the first 10 rounds scored 10 goals, and this summer, the Bosnia striker was once linked with Chinese super league. In an interview, Dzeko's agent revealed that Rome was received Super League team annual salary of 15 million euros contract offer, but Dzeko did not travel to China because of money.

In an interview, the agent Martina talked about the philosophy in the Serie A stadium adaptation, "Dzeko is a great player, came to a new league's first season, any player may encounter difficulties This season, Zaza's play at West Ham is an example, and there was a coincidence last season that the team averaged two goals in a frontless frontcourt, but now it's different.

The 2015-16 season, Dzeko in Serie A played 31 times, a total of only into the 8 goals and now the first 10 rounds of league, Dzeko scored 10 goals, the efficiency increase is huge.

"Rome has made it clear that, unless Dzeko to leave their own, otherwise, they will not let Dzeko leave. Lastly, Dzeko chose to stay in the team, he also used the performance proved how good players, Continue to maintain such a state, and then Rome is likely to win the league title.

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