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Do You Remember the Right Corridor of Messi

We can often see Messi catch the ball on the right and then cut inside laterally to the middle, then shoot. His hit rate is very high, and this break shot line was even once known as Messi corridor. And in the parameters of the live, it will be Bug if Messi shoots along this route.

Messi is one of the best players in the world and he can be regarded as the complete player in the front court of Barcelona. It is his unimaginable offensive talent that makes him the best in the world. In the field, Barcelona needs him to break the balance, and it is what the No 10 player of Barcelona should do.

In the game on January 9th, Messi cut inside to the penalty area arc on the right sideline, and then he gave it to the left Turan. Turan passed it back for Messi to grab points. They scored the first goal for Barcelona. Of course offensive means of Barcelona is very rich, so they don’t have to fight alone when facing tight defense.

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