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David de Gea not Appear in Premier League Fifa Coins Opener

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Imfifa exposes, whether David de Gea can play for Manchester United is one of the biggest focus of this Premiership opener. However, Van Gaal has personally ended the suspense: David de Gea will not play.Check more about FIFA coins price at http://www.imfifa.co/.

In the morning's FIFA 16 coins pre-match press conference, when Van Gaal was asked about David de Gea problems, he made it clear that the Spanish goalkeeper will not participate in the Imfifa game.We have enough FIFA coins for PC, PS and XBOX.

David de Gea was confirmed not play, while the other two goalkeeper Victor Valdes and Lindegaard has been abandoned by Van Gaal . So tomorrow's game, according to Imfifa, Van Gaal is likely to choose newly-joined Romero as the new starting goalkeeper, and Johns Stones stands on the bench.

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