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C Ronaldo Center or Winger Dilemma

Whether C Ronaldo is center or winger? He played purely on the 9th in the Portuguese national team, but played the left wing position at Real Madrid, and played second striker position in the 4-4-2 formation.

Analysis from www.imfifa.co, the identity confusion led C Ronaldo role ambiguity in the field, thereby affected his scoring efficiency. Now the difficulty is to find the ideal location for the Portuguese star. Now we can only say, C Ronaldo is a shooter. Regardless of how defined, he is a scorer.

As C Ronaldo fitness decline, coupled with the impact of patellar tendinitis, he has been unable to get back in the wing pinnacle feeling. His movements become economic and fewer extraordinary, but good results.

C Ronaldo has been 30-year-old, playing in a place near the restricted area will make him feel more comfortable. However, to the whole team, the top priority is to find the ideal position which C Ronaldo can play a maximum capacity.

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