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Bundesliga is Making Progress

Have you found that the Bundesliga have made great progress these years? Imfifa remembers Benitez said before the game it would be better to get a Bundesliga team than a Serie A team. Till now, although overall level and the number of players of Bundesliga still couldn't equal the Premier League and La Liga, the excellence never lose to the other two. The level gap is narrowing, which is very pleasing.

Currently, the most unexpected is the Borussia. Before a lot of people will laugh that Borussia would be likely to complete the achievement of Marseille with zero bottom. However, the result turned out now to be also possible to the European Union. It is unexpected. Imfifa hopes they could get a European Union qualification and continue to earn points for the Bundesliga.

Leverkusen got bad luck. Opportunities Javier wasted affected the team a lot. But now, their performance seems quite good in the first round against Barcelona, especially in the case of the road. Even if they can't advance, iMfifa also hopes they can go further in the European Union. In addition, Wolfsburg also performed well, especially in the case that the core left the team.

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