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Boge Ba Worth Skyrocketed from IMFIFA

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"If Ibrahimovic is the Mona Lisa in the world of football, so Boge Ba is Monet's paintings, surely someone is willing to pay any price for him." Layiaola so highly held Juventus midfielder last summer. Now it seems that Boge Ba worth and influence will jump up after every game. Especially recently, the France continuous played key man in the Juventus game, he also once again became the focus of public opinion.

For Boge Ba ability and worth, some congregation in the industry have expressed their views. Italy U21 coach Dibiyaqiao commented: "Boge Ba has been among the strongest football columns 3-5 person, belonging to C Ronaldo and Messi group. In my opinion, he is a Mingbiyaya - Fig. Ray even better midfielder, because there is Zidane and Ronaldinho's shadow on Boge Ba, almost no defects. So I think the French only 21-year-old be worth really 100 million euros. "

FIFA broker Brandeis Cini said: "Bo Geba is undoubtedly one of the best midfielders in world football. He has rarely opponent in the same location, just need continue to accumulate experience into the world's best regards. For worth, I think it depends on the buyer. " Seeing the list and hearing these comments, Juventus executives will steal laugh certainly.

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