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Blatter Welcomed Jordan's Prince Ali Election Challenge from iMfifa

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Recently, FIFA vice-president Prince Ali from Jordan showed the attitude to participate in FIFA President general election. FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s five-peat wish also will face a strong challenge. But Blatter welcomed that Prince Ali to participate in the election, also said that there is no meaning to win if there is no challenge to fight.

In addition, Blatter also quoted a French proverb, "The French people do not always say it? Do not fight any challenge, it does not win the proud."

Last November, on the 60th anniversary of FIFA, AFC Salman will always support Blatter on the show, "This is our unanimous decision, we will never break a promise." In addition, from the sub-foot Union of 11 member associations have also expressed support for Blatter re-elected unanimously.

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