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Barcelona Will not Appeal Paul

Suarez has multiple frictions with Espanyol goalkeeper. The players provoked each other in the channel after the game. Even though Enrique said they were singing Christmas carols, Iniesta still said politely that the two sides did exchanged their views in the tunnel. No matter what happened, Suarez’s provocation was written in the reports by the referee.

According to www.imfifa.co, a professional FIFA coins selling site, it might lead Suarez to face with punishment of being banned. So Barcelona pledged to defend him. But then Barcelona said that they will not appeal for Espanyol goalkeeper Paul’s stampede on Messi maliciously.

Imfifa is so angry it is obvious that the player has been maliciously violated in the field, why Barcelona chose to give up the appeal? It is said that if it was not written in the referee’s report, West Football Association might selectively ignore. But the appeal can at least reflect an attitude. Do you think so? Welcome to share your opinions with us.