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Barcelona Will Provide a New Contract to Iniesta

According to imfifa reports, Barcelona and Iniesta are discussing the final details of the renewal. The current plan is to announce the renewal after the end of the season on June 30. No accident, Iniesta will sign a 2 + 1 contract with Barcelona, that is, renew for 2 years, the third year whether to renew again according to the specific conditions.

However, Iniesta's renewal is not an ordinary renewal, the renewal, not limited to his player career, but also related to his career after retirement. It is reported that the Barcelona's contract given to Iniesta including to become one of the head of the youth academy after retirement.

Iniesta came to Barcelona 20 years ago, he is one of the best representative of La Masi, but also attracts small players to Barcelona. Iniesta won the honor in Barcelona, also let him become a symbol of the club. He won numerous trophies.

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