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Barcelona Will Not Renew Contract with Busquets before the Summer

According to the latest FIFA news, even though Busquets makes the relevant comments after winning victory over Arsenal, Barcelona is currently not ready to renew contract with Busquets. At the same time, Busquets will not get higher salary before the end of the season.

The Barcelona players said after Champions League "hopes the team President can keep his promise." Besides Neymar, whose salary is likely to be raised, team president's promise will made commitments will make this Barcelona midfielder become third highly paid player. Busquets and Neymar are Barcelona's recent probems, but the club do not want any of the two to disrupt the team's plan. Now there are still 20 games, but as before the season, the team at this crucial moment will delay in processing any player contract.

So Busquets before the end of the season won't make any progress about his contract. His excellent contribution should have made him obtain higher-level contract. Barcelona plan to increase his salary after confirming next season's shirt sponsor, but now it seems the problem has no solution in the short term. Cheap and fats FIFA coins are waiting for you at imfifa.co.