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Barcelona Will Contract with Iniesta

How important that Iniesta for Barcelona is well known. According to imfifa reported that Barcelona is ready to provide him with a life contract to ensure that he can retire from Barcelona.

Although Iniesta has reached 33 years of age, in Barcelona's array, he is still unshakable main force. The tremendous influence he brought to Barcelona can not be replaced. His contract will expire in the summer of 2018, so Barcelona has long been preparing for the renewal, they are willing to open a new contract to 2022, when Iniesta will be 38 years old, so this contract is also considered a life-long contract.

In addition to Iniesta, Barcelona is also ready to complete the contract with Ter Stegen. Ter Stegen is not only the team's goalkeeper now, but also the team's future, especially after Bravo transfering to Manchester City.

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