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Barcelona Strongest Over the Champions League

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Although an exaggeration to say, but obviously Barcelona is the best team in the Champions League over the past decade. Barcelona won three titles, and this year will again participate in the final in Berlin, and have broke into the semi-finals eight times over the past ten years.

2005/06 season to now, Barcelona is the only team to win more than one time in the finals. Bayern reached the final three times (2009 / 10,2011 / 12,2012 / 13), Manchester United also three times (2007/08 , 2008 / 09,2010 / 11), Chelsea twice (2007 / 08,2011 / 12), but they only won a final.

As for the number of times in the semi-finals, Barcelona's eight times is far ahead of other big teams. Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayern are five times, Manchester United is four times. Barcelona the number of times over the past decade to win Basa Ou crown, finals and semifinals ranked first.

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