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Barcelona Denies Signing A New Argetinian Star

According to the latest report from imfifa.co, Barcelona recently denies initialing the contract with small player Lucas Patanelli. Argentina's domestic media says the 16-year-old man, currently playing for Independiente, is going to wear Barcelona jersey. Young Patanelli has been in Argentina known as the "new Messi".

It is learnt the false news says the two sides have reached a consensus, Barcelona has paid 50% of the transfer fee($400 million) for independent team to have Patanelli's preemptive right to. Barcelona proves this is "false news", the club never inquire the player's message. The reason why Barcelona is connected to this teenager is that Real Madrid has reported to be interested in him.

Now we can say it's just the broker and the club's hype tricks. So we should stop speculating, for the truth has appeared. Keep an eye on this site to get more information. Welcome to buy cheap, safe and fast FIFA Coins.