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Balde Keita Hopes to Play for Top Football Teams

Although now Benitez has been fired by Real Madrid. But one of the signings plans of his, Lazio present player Keita's willing to play for Real Madrid doesn't disappear.

"Indeed previously I gets some clubs' offers, but I now focus on Lazio's games. My contract will end until 2018. So I will continue to stay at Lazio, but I still dream of one day to play for a world-class club like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United." The player said in an interview. Keita is from Barcelona Youth Training camp. He joined Lazio in 2011 with 300 thousand euros worth. Now Simonyi is also interested in him, expecting him to join Madrid.

Keita is still young, time and opportunity are waiting for you. As long as he doesn't give up his hope to play for top football teams and keeps working hard, he will find his true role and gain his position in world-class giants. Cheer on for Balde Keita!

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